Ibiza offers NHS staff free holiday accommodation

Ibiza offers NHS staff free holiday accommodation

Something for the weekend: NHS employees are being offered free holiday accommodation in Ibiza to reward them for their hard work during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. 

The government on the white isle is backing a scheme called Together for Healthcare Heroes and giving healthcare employees one week’s free stay during its low peak seasons of April, May or October 2021.

Sixty properties on the island have already signed up to the scheme, with Together for Healthcare Heroes planning to find 1,000 sunshine destinations across Europe for employees to put their feet up after a hard day sightseeing or sunning themselves on the beach.

However, NHS staff need to be quick, they only have until 18 July 2020 to register for the scheme. However, there is no need to panic over the dilemma of where to stay, the cut-off date for booking a dream hotel is May 2021.

A spokesperson at Together for Heroes, said: “Together we are driving change by celebrating and rewarding those who put our community, family and friends first during the Coronavirus outbreak. Unprecedented times highlight exceptional people. We thank those who we have trusted with our lives, by gifting them our homes and hotels in Ibiza and across Europe.

“As we will have more demand for holidays than supply of donated accommodation, the initiative is currently working with the healthcare community and some of the most reputable hospitals in Europe to define a fair and transparent nomination and selection process to reward those fighting on the Coronavirus front-line and assign a holiday for them.”

Here at Employee Benefits, we hope that our national health heroes enjoy an unforgettable experience and do not forget to pack plenty of sunscreen.