Outfund seeks to recruit social spenders to shop online

Outfund hiring for social spenders to shop online

Something for the weekend: Outfund is on the hunt for five applicants to buy items online through their social media accounts.

The business is running research on social spending and will require the successful applicants to order items through the adverts that they see through their social media accounts.

The new social spenders will be paid £70 a day, with a budget of £1,500 spending money. The big spenders will need to track every advert they see and document the type of ad that they come across. They will also be asked to track how long they spend on each platform, and how many times they came across the ad before they were convinced to buy it.

How can this job get any better? The social spenders will be allowed to keep all of the items that they purchase over the initial one month contract period. The exciting role requires at least two and a half hours of work on a weekly basis, with at least 30 minutes on social media a day, five days a week.

Outfund is looking to hire the shopaholics over the next few months, with the deadline for applications 17 August 2020.

Daniel Lipinski, chief executive, said: “At Outfund, our goal is to help businesses grow as quickly as possible by funding smart marketing and advertising options. We know from the companies we already fund that social media adverts can yield quick, easy-to-track results, but we wanted to help them with more than just the money for their adverts and show them where they can get the best return. With social spenders, we’re hoping to be able to share invaluable insight into consumer spending habits and how advertising really impacts shopper choices in 2020.

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“We’re looking for candidates on a one-month freelance contract basis to help with our initial research, but depending how things go it might be something we end up looking into regularly to ensure we’re up to date with everything a startup business might need, regardless of the industry they’re in. We’re really excited to get started and encourage any serial shoppers and social media lovers to apply.”

Here at Employee Benefits, we hope that these successful social spenders don’t get too distracted on their phones while on the job.