Empowering Women: Supporting return to work after pregnancy

The journey of motherhood is a beautiful and transformative experience, and as we embrace the progress of gender equality, it is crucial for employers to play an active role in supporting women as they return to work after pregnancy. How can companies offer physical and emotional support during this critical phase?

First, it’s vital for employers to understand the emotional challenges and concerns of mums returning to work. It’s common for new mothers to battle with self-doubt around their competency, grapple with balancing work and family life, have concerns around the impact of returning to work on their child’s wellbeing, and worry about career progression following a break from work. Simply naming these issues can go a long way in showing women that their struggles are recognised and understood. Offering flexibility around working hours and remote/office working can also be a huge mental support to new mums.

In addition to mental and emotional support, it is also vital that employers offer physical support to women returning to work. Many women suffer musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) such as low back pain during and after pregnancy, which can lead to conditions such as sciatica, which can be challenging to manage when carrying out their daily work tasks.

An largely unspoken issue for women post-partum is bladder leakage, caused by weakened pelvic muscles following natural childbirth. While pelvic floor exercises (or ‘kegels’) are encouraged during and after pregnancy, many women lack the knowledge, time and professional support to execute these effectively.

Physical issues also have an emotional impact; a 2010 study demonstrated that group physical activities supervised by physiotherapists had significant positive effects on the overall wellbeing and emotional state of new mothers. At DocHQ we recognise that the return to work post-childbirth can be a daunting transition, and are committed to assisting employers in offering advanced solutions to make their employees feel comfortable and supported both physically and mentally.

DocHQ Physio is a groundbreaking AI-driven remote physiotherapy service that enables employers to proactively support new mums in the workplace. They will have immediate online access to a network of Chartered Physiotherapists, for remote consultations and online treatment plans with AI-guided exercises offering real-time visual and audio feedback. The remote nature of DocHQ Physio not only supports the physical symptoms women face following childbirth, but the day-to-day challenges of fulfilling both work and motherhood roles. Whether they need rehab for pregnancy-related MSDs such as back pain or sciatica, or need support to regain core and pelvic floor strength, new mums can access professional physio support without the need to leave their home; all that is needed is a laptop or mobile device, offering a flexible solution that answers concerns around work/family balance.

DocHQ’s specialised AI technology provides video demonstrations and audio guidance for all exercises in Physio-prescribed online treatment plans. New mothers will receive real-time feedback as they perform their exercises to ensure optimal movement, and their movement and program adherence is remotely tracked by their physiotherapist via the AI, allowing recovery and progress to be monitored remotely and treatment plans updated exactly when needed – for faster progress back to full physical health and comfort.

Returning to work after pregnancy requires a personalised approach, both physically and mentally. DocHQ Physio is unique in its ability to offer remote accessibility supported by AI technology that empowers women both physically and mentally as they return to the workplace during what can be an overwhelming time. For employers looking to implement these support strategies, DocHQ Physio can be integrated into an employee benefits package to demonstrate a commitment to supporting women during their post-pregnancy return to work; ultimately contributing to a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.

If you’re looking to create a workplace culture that values the wellbeing of all its employees as they navigate significant life transitions, contact us today to learn how DocHQ Physio can benefit your organisation:

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