E.On UK reports 13.1% mean hourly gender pay gap

E.On UK pay gap
Credit: nitpicker / Shutterstock.com

Energy provider E.On UK has reported a 13.1% mean hourly gender pay gap for 2023, down 0.5% from 2022’s figure.

The employer’s median hourly gender pay gap was 21.2%, down 3.9% from the prior year’s figure. Its mean average bonus pay gap was 44.2% in favour of men and its median average bonus pay gap was 55.5% in favour of men. A total of 45.3% of women and 43.5% of men received a bonus last year.

The provider’s 2023 mean ethnicity hourly pay gap was 20.5%, up 0.5% from 2022, while its median gap was 25.5%, also up 0.5% from the prior year.

Its mean average bonus pay gap was 46.9% in favour of white employees, while its median average bonus pay gap was 55.5% in favour of white staff. A total of 32.9% of ethnically diverse and 48.3% of white workers received a bonus last year, with 11% of senior executive level roles at the organisation held by employees from an ethnically diverse background.

Chris Norbury, chief executive officer of E.On UK, said: “By creating an environment where everyone is respected, valued and feels a sense of belonging we will make this a reality for our customers. I believe we’re all responsible for creating an inclusive working environment. Whether that’s the UK board, our wider leadership team, colleagues helping customers with their energy needs or innovating and delivering sustainable solutions that transform homes, businesses and communities; we all have an important role to play.

“This year we’ve supported working families by making flexible working simpler to access and by offering equal parent leave for both parents. Inclusion will continue to be a journey and there is always more to do, but through collaborative working with colleagues, listening and learning will help us ensure everyone feels they belong, has career and development opportunities, and can be their best.”