University of Gloucestershire reports 12.37% mean gender pay gap

University of GloucestershireUniversity of Gloucestershire has reported a 12.37% mean gender pay gap for 2023.

Females at the university are paid on average £21.06 per hour, while males receive £24.03 per hour.

Its 2023 median gender pay gap was 7.59%, with women paid on average £20.44 per hour and men paid £22.12 per hour.

The proportion of male and female employees in its lower pay quartile are 24.8% and 75.2% respectively, while the proportion of male and female employees in its top pay quartile are 53.5% and 46.5% respectively.

According to the university, which has been reporting its gender pay gaps since 2017, it has seen a reduction in both its mean and median gaps and a positive impact as a result of the actions it has been taking to reduce them.

It plans to promote the women-only leadership development programme Aurora, update related HR policies in collaboration with trade unions, and rationalise its suite of pay and benefit policies to provide clear, consistent and easy to understand advice and guidance.

A University of Gloucestershire spokesperson said: “We will continue to take steps to ensure that our recruitment and selection processes are without bias. This includes using gender neutral language in our job descriptions, using positive action statements in our job adverts, placing our adverts in a wide range of communication channels, using skills-based tests, include multiple women in shortlist and promotions, introduce transparency to promotion, pay and reward processes, and communicate our family friendly and flexible working policies.

“We will also continue to undertake an equal pay review every two years, with the findings reported to the university’s executive committee, actively encourage and support women to apply for associate professor and professor vacancies, and monitor starting salaries to ensure fairness and consistency, and challenge inappropriate decisions. The monitoring information will be included in our regular reporting to senior management teams and remuneration and HR committee.”