Anglian Water reports 6.5% mean gender pay gap for 2023

Anglian Water pay gapWater supplier Anglian Water has reported a 6.5% mean gender pay gap for 2023, down 3% from 2022.

Its median gender pay gap was 14%, down 3% from the prior year. A total of 66.3% of the workforce is male and 33.5% is female. Its lower pay quartile is made up of 52.1% of women and 47.9% of men, whereas its upper pay quartile consists of 32.8% of women and 67.2% of men.

The employer’s mean gender bonus gap for 2023 was 13.5%, down 14.2% from 27.7% in 2022, while its median gap was 14.8%, down 3.9% from 18.7% the previous year. A total of 96.4% of females and 97.9% of males received a bonus in 2023. It stated that the gap is due to 7% of its workforce working part-time, and of those, 6% are women and 1% are men.

According to Anglian Water, it is making steps to improve its gaps, as 40% and 60% of its new hires are women and men respectively, and 38% and 62% of its senior hires are female and male. It has also seen a rise this year in the number of women across the middle and upper pay quartiles.

Peter Simpson, chief executive officer of Anglian Water, said: “We know more needs to be done to achieve genuine gender equality across our business. It is a long-term endeavour, and one that we have been working steadily on since the launch of our Inclusion Strategy in 2020. Although this report focuses on our efforts to achieve parity on gender pay, our Inclusion Strategy is one which celebrates and includes people from all backgrounds and identities. Ultimately, it is our business and region at large that will benefit from a diverse workforce, and one which helps us to deliver on our purpose to bring environmental and social prosperity to the region we serve.”