Countdown to the Rebel Playbook

By Chloe Deiulis, Content Marketing Manager

Last month, we announced a new section on Reward Gateway’s website that introduces “Build It: The Rebel Playbook to World-Class Employee Engagement.” Every few weeks, we’ll be showcasing our favourite blogs from our sister site to countdown to February 2018, when the book hits shelves.

Last time, we looked at the top play of the month, which showed the rebellious side of Vocus Communications and its approach to employee wellbeing.

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This time, I thought I’d share one of Debra’s blogs, which made me chuckle, thinking of all of my own “round peg, square hole” moments in life — is it better to be like everyone else, or are you forcing something that just isn’t there?

Turns out, we’re all rebels, in our own way. Click here to read more of Debra’s take on the rebelution in this blog post.