B Braun Medical offers employer-paid nutrition course for Sheffield-based employees

B Braun Medical

Healthcare organisation B Braun Medical has introduced an employer-paid, 12-week nutrition course for its 1,200 Sheffield-based workforce.

The programme, which launched in December 2018, has been implemented to help employees get a healthy start to the new year, and is the latest addition to the organisation’s comprehensive health and wellbeing programme, B Healthy.

Andrew Picken, health and wellbeing adviser at B Braun Medical, said: “Employee health is something we take seriously at B Braun; we want to support our staff to eat well and live healthily as much as possible.

“As we all know, sticking to a new year’s resolution can be difficult, so this programme is a great way [of] taking the right steps towards healthy eating habits. It’s about small, manageable behaviour changes which can lead to a big difference.”

The nutrition course, which will be conducted over lunch breaks in order to be accessible for all employees, will cover subjects such as how to achieve healthy weight loss, physical activity and myth busting.

B Braun Medical consulted with staff prior to planning the nutrition course, to ensure that it would suit their needs, primarily via an employee-led health and wellbeing group, which is responsible for gathering feedback to help tailor and steer initiatives.

The nutrition course was communicated to employees via the organisation’s intranet, desk drops, a cascade from the health and wellbeing committee, posters in communal areas and on televisions in the office space.

The wider B Healthy programme includes running groups, pilates sessions, self-defence classes, monthly free fruit and salad days, a cycle-to-work scheme and workshops on resilience.

Hans Hux, chairman and group chief executive at B Braun Medical, added: “Our employees are the key to our organisation’s success, so we feel it is important for us to do what we can to support them with their health and wellbeing; this programme is the latest step in achieving that.

“New year is often a time that many of us want to detox a little and look at our lifestyle behaviours, so it comes at a perfect time and we hope it provides real help and advice in a key area of health and wellbeing.”