Redrow rolls out health and wellbeing programme to subcontractors


Housebuilding organisation Redrow has extended its ‘my life’ health and wellbeing programme to all subcontractor partners and their families.

The programme provides confidential advice via a free 24/7 helpline, and offers additional emotional support through telephone counselling sessions for both personal and work-related problems, such as financial issues, anxiety, stress and bereavement.

The initiative followed a health and wellbeing review by the organisation, which included an assessment of the health risks for its employees and subcontractors through the introduction of 15 ‘health kiosks’ across each of its regional divisions as well as selected developments.

Working in collaboration with HR consultant Mercer, Redrow opened the kiosks to provide workers with personal health metrics such as heart age, blood pressure, BMI and body fat.

In addition, the organisation launched a wellbeing survey focusing on physical and emotional wellness, sleep, smoking, nutrition, alcohol consumption and chronic health conditions. An online wellbeing survey was also distributed online to all subcontractors, receiving 460 responses. As a result, Redrow made the decision to roll out its assistance programme to all subcontractors and their families.

Karen Jones, HR director at Redrow, said: “Valuing people and partners is at the heart of our [organisation] so it was extremely important to us that we fully understand the health risks of both our employees and our subcontractors.

“Research shows that the construction industry typically suffers from high rates of mental health issues, and so anything that we can do to provide further support is an essential step in changing this.”

She added: “Our subcontractors play a vital role in the development of our homes and communities, and following their overwhelming involvement in our health and wellbeing review, we felt it necessary to extend our assistant programme to our subcontractors and their families.”

Redrow has rolled out a wellbeing calendar, which will include healthy eating campaigns, healthy promotions within canteen spaces on site, smoking cessation support and general education and awareness raising on site. The organisation also has a dedicated wellbeing advisor within its engagement team and wellbeing champions at each division, who offer help and advice during working hours.

Next year, the organisation is planning to launch a campaign to support and improve mental health within the construction industry.