Apple, Microsoft and UKG named World’s Best Companies of 2023

Apple Microsoft UKG Tech firms Apple and Microsoft, and HR, payroll and workforce management solutions provider UKG have been named as some of the World’s Best Companies of 2023 by Time magazine.

To determine the list, Time partnered with Statista and evaluated firms based on employee satisfaction, revenue growth and sustainability. Surveys were conducted in 58 countries, with data collected from approximately 150,000 participants on image, atmosphere, working conditions, salary and equality.

UKG was recognised due to its belonging, equity and impact programmes that create opportunities for every person, enrich every workplace culture, uplift every community, and showcase the competitive advantage, as well as its global volunteer time off policy, which includes two paid days for volunteering annually.

Its ranking was also determined by its global benefits programme, U Choose, that provides employees with a sum to use on more than 150 different life expenses, and its fully-paid healthcare premiums for the majority of staff worldwide for medical, dental and vision, which includes spouses, domestic partners and dependents.

Pat Wadors, chief people officer at UKG, said: “We are on a mission to inspire every organisation to become a great place to work, and that starts with what we’re doing for our 15,000 U Krewers, and through the people-focused technology we provide for 80,000 UKG customers. We aspire to be a live-action case study on what it takes to foster a culture for all people that, in turn, leads to better business results. How we treat and inspire our own people directly impacts the way we design, deliver, and support our HCM solutions for our customers and their tens of millions of employees across the globe.”

Alana Semuels, economic correspondent at Time, added: “The rankings show just who dominates the world economic order, with fast-moving tech and business-services [organisations] unseating the manufacturers and consumer-goods [firms] that once drove the global economy. The world’s best companies of 2023 can make things, like their forefathers did, while their employees, shareholders, and the planet profit, too.”