AMS accredited as age-inclusive employer

Global talent solutions business AMS has attained age-inclusive accredited employer status after signing a charter of commitments to support staff over the age of 50 in the workplace.

Established by 55/Redefined, an organisation that helps businesses attract and engage employees over 50, the charter covers how to ensure hiring processes are inclusive and accessible to workers over 50 and how to review retirement policies.

By signing the charter, AMS, which employs more than 10,000 members of staff across 120 countries, will solidify its commitment to integrating age-inclusive policies within its own workforce, promoting better and more employment opportunities for staff aged over 50 across all practices, and investing in tackling age bias training and re-skilling older workers.

In addition, 55/Redefined joined AMS earlier this year as a founder member of the AMS Diversity and Inclusion Alliance, which is a collaboration forum that brings together knowledge and expertise from diversity, equity and inclusion partners. The aim is to improve representation across workforces and remove employment barriers to marginalised talent.

Paul Modley, director of diversity, equity and inclusion at AMS, said: “Employers must understand that the one size fits all approach to filling roles no longer applied. Older workers are the invisible talent pool, they have so much value to add in terms of professional and life experience, knowledge transfer, management and leadership skills, they truly are an untapped goldmine. This partnership is just the beginning for AMS, there is a lot more we can do to promote and enhance age diversity at work and tailor benefits for people who want to work for longer.”

Lyndsey Simpson, chief executive officer of 55/Redefined, added: “We’re delighted that AMS has partnered with 55/Redefined and has shown this serious commitment to becoming an age-inclusive employer. AMS absolutely shares our values and our vision in unlocking the potential of over 50s talent as invaluable members of a multi-generational workplace and culture.

“Like us, it believes that if [emploeyrs] don’t have an age strategy, [they] don’t have a growth strategy. We’re also really excited to become its age awareness partner as part of the AMS Diversity and Inclusion Alliance.”