6 ways DocHQ helps boost your employees’ mental health at work

Recent research by The Workplace Health Report 2023 revealed that 79% of UK workers experience high stress levels, most often caused by work.

One key way to support your employees and help reduce stress and boost their mental health is by partnering with DocHQ Fitness. Studies have shown that exercise not only results in physical health gains, but it also boosts mental health – research by the Mental Health Foundation found that those that took part in a daily exercise regime lowered the risk of depression by 20%-30%.

This is where DocHQ can help: by integrating DocHQ’s innovative Fitness programmes into your workplace, your employees will have access to a personal trainer and hundreds of technologically advanced, AI-guided online workouts, which they can take part in any time, anywhere. All that’s required is a DocHQ account, a screen and an internet connection, and your staff can take part in bespoke exercises, team challenges, PT sessions and group workouts.

The result for your company is a healthier, happier and fitter workforce. Here are 6 ways DocHQ Fitness helps support and boost your employees’ mental health at work.

1. DocHQ Fitness offers customised fitness programmes 

DocHQ Fitness provides employees with access to hundreds of online personalised fitness programmes, so they can choose the right programme for their own goals and fitness levels. By providing access to online personal trainers and advanced AI feedback, you will empower your employees to embark on a fitness journey that enhances both their physical and mental wellbeing, and in doing so help to combat stress and burnout.

2. Flexible workouts they can do in their own time

Partnering with DocHQ Fitness provides your employees with a fitness service that is both convenient to use and flexible in terms of what it can offer. It’s designed so workouts can be accessed at home or at work, whenever the employee has spare time to take part, meaning they can dive into a workout to destress on their lunch break or take part in a meditative post-work session.

3. It utilises cutting-edge body-tracking technology

DocHQ Fitness truly offers something that no other personal trainer can offer thanks to its advanced AI analytics. Following an initial session with a PT, our AI tech then maps users’ movements via the computer’s camera, providing real-time feedback that helps employees correct their form and count their reps. Each user’s performance data is then monitored by their PT, with progression checked and altered as the PT sees fit.

4. It motivates those who require a goal

Often with exercise programmes, motivation wanes following a flurry of initial enthusiasm. DocHQ Fitness provides your employees with motivation and accountability via the personal trainers, who offer guidance, support and encouragement throughout the fitness journey, as well as through the data and analytics the AI tools provide so users can track their progress via tangible metrics.

5. Helps boost team morale

Group fitness classes or team challenges provide opportunities for your employees to connect, collaborate and support each other in their fitness journeys, at the same time improving office morale. Group classes or team targets on DocHQ Fitness build camaraderie, resulting in a positive work environment that promotes mental wellbeing and teamwork.

6. It provides long-term results 

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By investing in your employees’ mental health via DocHQ Fitness, you are investing in the long-term benefits this will bring both to your employees and the company. A healthy and supportive work environment with active employees will result in reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and improved levels of employee retention. In addition, employees who feel supported are more likely to be engaged, motivated and satisfied with their work.

For more information on DocHQ Fitness and to discuss bespoke corporate packages, contact Amit Arora at amit.arora@dochq.co.uk