Why your organisation needs an employee engagement committee

Author:  Robert Hicks, Group HR Director at Reward Gateway

As we know, and you know, employee engagement is good for business, with countless studies to prove the importance and ROI of employee engagement. But there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to improve employee engagement in organisations. According to Gallup, globally in 2021 only 20% of employees were engaged at work.

With this in mind, employers everywhere are exploring means for improving their employee engagement programmes at their companies. And one great way companies have found that helps build on their company culture is by developing and implementing an employee engagement committee.

So, to make employee engagement more effective, an engagement committee is the gathering of individuals, such as corporate leaders, operations supervisors, line managers or HR, and who meet on a regular basis with the set goal of enhancing employee engagement in their organisation. For example, an employee engagement committee could host quarterly employee surveys to gauge employee sentiment about a variety of topics including return to work policies, company culture initiatives or L&D opportunities.

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