Why cultural fitness is key to improving company culture

With so many competing priorities on leaders’ to-do lists every day, it’s tempting to leave culture on the back burner while we focus our attention on more immediate or urgent tasks. But if you’re thinking, ‘she’ll be alright,’ know this: Nothing tests company culture more than crisis, uncertainty or change and we need a solid culture to support our people to withstand the pressure of all this uncertainty.

The strength of our company culture is tested in challenging situations, and like any muscle, culture needs to be conditioned and exercised if we want to keep it fit and able to withstand the pressure of changing working conditions, uncertain economic performance and all the external factors outside our employees’ control.

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The companies who’ll be well prepared for the next marathon are the companies who are cultivating culture now, even when people may not be face-to-face. As employers weigh up whether to continue working remotely in the future, strengthening a sense of belonging, community and connection is going to matter even more.

So the question for many leaders is how do you cultivate a community and a unique company culture when people are apart? Click here to find out.