WEALTH at work launch the Financial Healthcheck to help employees achieve their financial goals

In recognition of the demand on employers to support employees during the pandemic and beyond, WEALTH at work have launched a new online platform called the ‘Financial Healthcheck’.

The platform will help employees build their knowledge on a range of financial matters throughout their career and will cover topics such as debt & money management, managing savings, retirement and health & financial protection.

The Financial Healthcheck will ask employees a few simple questions around their finances. Based on the answers, it will provide an action list which can be accessed via a personal online dashboard. This could include recommending further learning from online resources such as; watching a webcast or animation, completing a budgeting tool or booking an educational online seminar.

The platform is tailored to each company’s benefits package, ensuring that all the financial education content is relevant for all employees. This will help them to learn more and achieve their financial goals.

Jonathan Watts-Lay, Director, WEALTH at work, comments; “Employers are coming under increased pressure to support their employee’s financial wellbeing. Without the right help and guidance, we could see many employees slip into debt or be at significant risk of making costly financial mistakes such as paying too much tax when retiring or even worse, falling prey to scams.

This is why the Financial Healthcheck is important, as it offers support to employees to help them clarify elements of their financial situation. It also provides guidance on where they can gain further support in order to take the appropriate action and gain control over their finances.”

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