Valentino agrees staff bonus deal and extends benefits

Valentino bonus
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Luxury fashion brand Valentino has signed a three-year results-based bonus agreement for employees in its Italian fashion business with trade unions Filctem Cgil, Femca Cisl and Uiltec Uil.

The 2023-2025 deal is in addition to the previously signed regulatory and economic agreement regarding reduced taxation objectives.

In addition, Valentino will pay the first month of voluntary paternity and maternity leave at 100% of an employee’s salary, instead of the legal 80%, and the second month will be paid at 80% instead of 30%.

It has also extended the usability of the 16 hours of leave offered for medical checks and awarded an additional allowance of €60 (£51.58) gross for each day of travel for fashion or look book events that require an overnight stay.

Sonia Tosoni, national secretary of Filctem Cgil, and Giuliano Ezzelini Storti, national coordinator of Filctem Cgil for the Valentino group, said: “The agreements are confirmed to be advanced and ameliorative, in a framework of collaborative industrial relations that concretely looks at the wellbeing of personnel and the purchasing power of wages. With this agreement, not only is attention to the needs of male and female workers consolidated, but a significant response is given in terms of wages, effectively curbing the effects of the high cost of living.

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“This agreement demonstrates how the group agreements can bring great benefits to the issue of modernising national sector bargaining. Topics such as personal care, management of the family without gender difference, remuneration also linked to a type of work in constant change and displacement, are the elements contained in this new agreement, and look to the future of a central sector for the economy of the country and driving force for all made in Italy.”

Valentino was contacted for comment prior to publication.