Top-rated employee perks for 2021 revealed

Analysis of more than 750,000 roles by search engine Adzuna has revealed the UK’s most popular employee perks to tempt them into switching jobs in 2021.

In first two weeks of this month (February), the top trending benefits included working from home (WFH) allowances, and childcare and wellbeing support.

According to Andrew Hunter, co-founder, Adzuna, the benefits being offered now are distinct to its previous analysis – which identified nap rooms, free food, and on-site medical care – and reflect the UK’s widespread adoption of remote working.

He said: “The past year has seen emphasis shift from office to those with a more holistic focus on mental health and wellbeing.”

According to Hunter, other employee perks identified include offering virtual exercise classes and language lessons, as well as ergonomic office equipment and meditation apps.

He said: “The change is all about helping remote workers, including ways they balance their caring needs. It’s a welcome step forward that employers are starting to choose more inclusive work perks.”

The research found there are currently more than 69,000 UK vacancies offering work-from-home positions.

Employers identified as providing WFH allowances include: digital consultancy Red Badger which is offering a £2,000 WFH budget, Facebook which provides all UK employees with £750 for their home office and vehicle comparison site Carwow which has a £500 WFH allowance.

Adzuna revealed fashion sale platform Depop is offering workers subsidised counselling, as well as access to mental health first aiders, and yoga and meditation sessions.

Commenting on the research, Vicky Vitkay, general manager, Work in Startups, said: “It’s clear companies have had to re-evaluate their work perks to accommodate a remote workforce.”

She added: “There is much more of a focus on bespoke and beneficial perks rather than frivolous ones. Ironically, a lot of the benefits pre-pandemic that may have encouraged employees to work longer hours are now no longer desired.”