Search Intelligence pledges to pay employees’ winter utility bills

search intelligence

Digital PR agency Search Intelligence has committed to pay its 50 employees a monthly bonus during the winter months, with the aim of easing the pressure of rising utility bills.

Starting in December, for three months Search Intelligence will pay staff an extra £250, amounting to an investment of £12,500 more per month, and £37,500 overall, for the business.

The organisation has headquarters in Witney, Oxfordshire. It operates a four-day working week, provides paid gym memberships, and has a starting salary of £15 per hour for full-time employees.

Fery Kaszoni (pictured), chief executive officer (CEO) of Search Intelligence, said: “Our team helped us create a unique service that attracted some of the biggest brands in the world to work with us. As the leader of a team of 50 people, I truly feel responsible for their wellbeing and happiness, and I feel responsible to give as much as possible to our employees, who are extremely dedicated and talented at their work.

“The foundation of our company has been built on love, respect, and always being kind, and this gesture of paying the energy bills of our members helps us reinforce the fact that we’ll stay true to our core values and put our employees first.”