Sausage dog shows owner that diversity and inclusion breeds better engagement

Something for the weekend: Despite his short legs, sausage dog Archie has squeezed through the tight talent pipeline and taken on his dream role as a sheepdog. 

Archie, who lives on a farm in Molong in New South Wales, has long been starstruck by the exciting lifestyle of sheepdogs. His owner noticed him expressing an interest when he caught a glimpse of what a day in the life of a sheepdog looked like close up from the passenger seat of her buggy. 

Seeing his excitement, owner Ebony Hewitt decided to let the nine-month-old have some fun and run around in the big leagues, only to release that he was born a natural, showing that diversity and inclusion really do pay dividends. 

Archie’s small stature and little legs initially caused concern that farm animals might ignore him, but his lightness and speed worked in his favour, making him a pro at shifting and swirling around the sheep. Since being given a trial run, Archie has gone from strength-to-strength and now regularly joins in on the fun. 

The dashing dachshund makes sure to look after his wellbeing, sleep hygiene and work-life balance by taking a cooling dip in the drinking trough with his coworkers on the way home, and making sure to take a good long nap to count, and chase, sheep. 

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Hewitt, speaking to Newshub, said: “Archie would always come mustering with us and get over-excited like he wanted a turn at working the sheep. I let him out to have a run-around and that was when we discovered he was actually useful!”

Here at Employee Benefits, it is clear to see that we should all question our assumptions when it comes to having the right stuff to do a job, and remember to engagement and motivation come in all shapes and sizes…