Pret A Manger launches employee benefits platform

pret a mangerFood and drink chain Pret A Manger has implemented an employee benefits platform and wellbeing hub for its 8,000 UK employees.

The 360 Recognition platform was launched in partnership with recognition and engagement provider Terryberry. It was custom designed to allow Pret A Manger staff to access rewards, benefits, recognition programmes, and engagement solutions from one location, and to help support their physical, mental and financial wellbeing during the cost-of-living crisis.

Pret A Manger employees can access offers, discounts, financial wellbeing support, salary sacrifice products, an employee assistance programme (EAP), GP helplines, a cycle to work scheme, and the chance to make potential savings of up to £3,000 per year.

The recognition function applies to staff across all of the business’ locations, and they can be recognised for long service, milestones and retirement achievements with an appreciation gift shopping experience. Employees will also be able to offer peer-to-peer recognition, receive recognition from managers, and provide feedback and communication back to the business.

Emma Spencer, senior pay and benefits manager at Pret A Manger, said: “We are excited and delighted with our new bespoke one-stop benefits and wellbeing platform. This now allows all our employees across the UK to access their benefits and wellbeing offerings in one easy to access platform and app. The initial response from all our staff has been fantastic and we have seen engagement levels increase across all teams since the platform was launched, which has had a positive impact on the culture within the business.

“We were really impressed with the new features that Terryberry were bringing to their benefits and wellbeing platform. This played a big part in our decision to partner with Terryberry as we could see great potential and knew the impact this would have for our teams.”