Penderyn Distillery launches electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme

penderyn distilleryWelsh whisky and spirits distillery Penderyn Distillery has introduced an electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme for its workforce.

The employer, which operates across two sites in the Brecon Beacons, appointed Edinburgh-based fleet management business Gofor to manage the scheme, designed to suit Penderyn’s specific objectives.

Its goal was to make the switch to electric vehicles as simple and affordable as possible for its employees, as well as removing any early termination risk through vehicle reallocation support.

According to Penderyn Distillery, it has a strong sustainability ethos, and had already installed free on-site electric vehicle charging for staff. The creation of the salary sacrifice scheme was the next step to encourage more of its employees to start using electric vehicles.

Through the scheme, employees give up an amount from their gross salary in exchange for the use of a car for a period of time. They can save on income tax and national insurance contributions, while the employer makes savings on the amount of salary that has been sacrificed.

Stephen David, chief executive of Penderyn Distillery, said: “I’m excited that we are partnering with Gofor in bringing this additional benefit to our team, we are committed to encouraging green driving but providing electric charging is only the first step.

“This salary sacrifice scheme means all our employees can not only personally benefit but help us deliver on our net zero ambition.”