MOMO Kombucha brewery launches period policy for staff

MOMO Kombucha brewery has introduced a period policy for its employees. The policy was launched to facilitate positive conversations about periods in the workplace and to offer support to staff.

The policy offers employees that experience period pain which makes it difficult to work up to one full day of paid leave each month where needed, which sits outside of any sick leave allowances.

In addition, the policy aims to create a period-friendly office by providing free tampons, pads and hot water bottles.

MOMO Kombucha encourages employees to use terminology including people who have periods, rather than ‘women,’ menstrual health rather than feminine health, and menstrual products, period products, tampons, pads, etc,  rather than ‘feminine hygiene’ products.

In its period policy, MOMO Kombucha stated: “We recognise that the conversation around periods has been stigmatised and silenced for too long, which results in real consequences for people’s health and wellbeing.

“To that end, we actively encourage an environment where members of the team can positively and respectfully engage in conversations around periods. It is the responsibility of all team members to create a culture where people feel safe and comfortable talking about their period and any symptoms and side effects which may be relevant to their working life.”