Mental Health Awareness Week: Supporting Employees’ Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health Awareness Week is upon us and this year’s theme is kindness. During uncertain and challenging times, such as the global pandemic we’re currently facing, mental health and wellbeing requires greater focus and attention. Employees are having to navigate some difficult situations, which may have a negative effect on both their work and home lives. As countries, economies and businesses begin the road to recovery from months of isolation – employers will need to focus on how they can support their employees’ mental health and wellbeing during this transition in order to keep them motivated and engaged. Here’s how:

A listening ear – online or telephone therapy

One way that employers can support their workforces’ mental health and wellbeing is by encouraging employees to talk through their problems with a trusted professional. Keeping in touch has never been more important but can prove difficult as face-to-face therapy sessions are unlikely to take place any time soon. Online and telephone therapy sessions are gaining popularity and are now more widely available than ever before. Mental health charity Samaritans recently launched its own self-help app for people struggling in lockdown. The app encourages users to look after their emotional wellbeing and be kind to themselves by providing practical coping advice and tips.


Open and honest feedback

It is critical to gather feedback from your employees, especially those who are working remotely. While encouraging open communication is a plus no matter where your employees are located, there are certain challenges specific to remote work. During one-on-one conversations, ask direct questions about obstacles your team members are facing so you can partner on solutions. Consider leveraging surveys that give employees the opportunity to provide their feedback anonymously and on a more regular basis. Get your hands on an employee feedback platform that allows for pulse surveys, chatbots, data collection, and more. A combination of these tools makes it possible to ask for feedback monthly, weekly, and even daily, which is far more effective than having just an annual engagement survey. Of course, just gathering feedback isn’t enough. Creating action plans and following through to resolution are equally as important.

A culture that values employees

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Out of sight shouldn’t mean out of mind when it comes to recognising your remote employees. Make sure that you continue to publicly praise accomplishments on a frequent basis. This is particularly important during times of change, as recognition of daily wins boosts everyone’s spirits and inspires continued productivity. You can create a culture of recognition by creating an impactful employee recognition program that makes it easy for all employees to send and receive recognition. Have all recognitions display on a company-wide newsfeed so remote employees can feel a strong sense of belonging and appreciation.

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