Listen to our podcast on supporting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace after COVID-19

There can be little doubt that COVID-19 has hit the workplace hard. It has left an emotional mark on employees of organisations the length and breadth of these islands and around the world. It has put extraordinary pressure on the mental health of millions and is posing challenges for employers about how they support their colleagues and how they create and maintain organisational wellbeing.

In a recent podcast, we brought together experts to try and help you meet these challenges.

Robin Lewis, Senior HR Director at Cigna International Markets, and Jorge Palacios, Digital Health Scientist at SilverCloud Health, joined SilverCloud Health Head of Europe, Dr Lloyd Humphreys, to share their thoughts around supporting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace post-COVID-19.

Amongst other things they talked about:

  • The big uptake of emotional and wellbeing support being experienced by many organisations.
  • The increased interest in digital and online support, such as telemedicine counselling and online conversations.
  • The challenges for leaders and managers in helping to build resilience and show empathy to support their teams.
  • The new workplace ‘normal’ being established, and
  • The stresses and strains that home working and blurring of boundaries between home life and work can bring.

If these are issues for your organisation and employees, you can find out more here.