Podcast: Kindness in the workplace

kindness in the workplace

In this episode of the Employee Benefits podcast, in association with Lifestyle Business, Nick Dempsey, revenue director at Lifestyle Business, discusses the concept of kindness in the workplace.

During the discussion with Employee Benefits’ editor Debbie Lovewell-Tuck, Nick addresses the following questions:

  • How would you define the concept of kindness in the context of the workplace?
  • If an employer wants to audit the kindness that exists in its culture, what are the key things it should look for or take into consideration?
  • How can employers instil kindness into organisational culture?
  • What role do line managers have to play in this?
  • What role does reward and benefits have to play in this?
  • What are the benefits to an organisation of creating a culture of kindness?
  • What role do CSR and ESG have to play in a culture of kindness?
  • How can kindness in the workplace impact business performance?

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