Secondsight to raise funds for Kenyan schools at Employee Benefits Live

Employee benefits adviser Secondsight will be raising funds for two Kenyan schools at Employee Benefits Live 2011.

After a trip to Kenya, one of the firm’s partners, Darren Laverty, pledged to support the Amani Junior Academy and the Showers of Blessings school, both situated in Watamu, two hours north of Mombassa, Kenya.

During the exhibition at Employee Benefits Live, Secondsight will raise awareness of the schools’ plight to provide education for 5- to 16-year-olds, and to raise funds to buy school equipment, including textbooks and desks.

Funds will be raised for every enquiry form completed at the show, and each enquiry form completed by a member of the Secondsight team will result in the donation of one textbook to the schools. The schools have requested 1,700 books, one for each child in each of its six subjects.

Darren Laverty, partner at Secondsight, said: “This is only the second year Secondsight has been present at the exhibition and conference, but we were astounded by the number of suppliers providing similar, high-priced prizes to attendees.

“We wanted to do more for those who have much less than we do here in the UK and the show gives us a perfect platform to do this.

“I went to Kenya recently and saw for myself the hardship kids have to go through in order to go to school, yet I was overwhelmed with the dedication the children show in learning and of the teachers who know education is a way out of poverty.

“On my return home, I was determined to support some of those I had met; pledging to give them a better future. The least we can do is to make available textbooks and desks.

“So, we have pledged to raise enough money to purchase the 1,700 text books the schools would like. Our involvement at Employee Benefits Live will go some way to achieving this goal.”

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