Pensions Management Institute launches affiliate grade membership

The Pensions Management Institute (PMI) has launched a new affiliate grade of membership that will invite employee benefits and retirement savings professionals to become members of the organisation without having to study for a qualification.

The new membership grade is part of the PMI’s membership changes which take effect from today, 1 September 2011.

Vince Linnane, chief executive of the PMI, said: “Following the introduction of auto-enrolment and the national employment savings trust (Nest) next year, a far broader range of professionals will be brought into contact with pensions, some possibly for the first time.

“These individuals, based in the employee benefits, retirement savings, HR and payroll, and accountancy arena, require an increasing level of support as many may have already seen their workload intensify due to their extra pensions commitments.

“This year is absolutely crucial for those people and we want to make the PMI as accessible as possible for people in a variety of circumstances.

“The affiliate membership allows members to reap many of the benefits of being part of the PMI and get involved in the pensions community, including the strong events and networking programme, and the availability of training resources.

“We are sure that the affiliate membership category will lead to a mutually beneficial relationship between the PMI and the wider employee benefits, HR and accountancy industry.”

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