88% would take up the offer of a company car

More than three-quarters (88%) of respondents would take up a company car if the option was offered by their employer, according to research by fleet management provider Lex Autolease.

Car salary sacrifice-2015

Its survey of 501 employees and 249 fleet managers also revealed that 64% of employee respondents that have a company car say it is an important factor in their job decisions.

The research also found:

  • 43% of fleet manager respondents say company cars are becoming more important in staff recruitment and retention.
  • 11% of staff respondents would choose a cash alternative over a company car scheme.
  • 72% of employee respondents say the degree of freedom to pick their own vehicle is important to them.
  • 57% of staff respondents take the monetary value of a company car into account.
  • 45% of staff respondents see the offer of a company car as a mark of achievement.

Tim Porter, managing director of Lex Autolease, said: “The company car has been at the heart of British working life for close to five decades.

“Now, with the UK economy showing signs of longer-term recovery and an increasingly buoyant job market, it is little wonder that 38% of the fleet managers we spoke to reported growth of their fleet over the last 12 months.

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“As organisations look to bolster their chances of recruiting and retaining the best talent, the importance of a comprehensive benefits package should not be understated. Our latest research shows that a company car remains an aspirational part of this.”