Employee Benefits award win increases staff engagement

Amber Garner, benefits team leader at Home Retail Group, answers questions about what it means to win an Employee Benefits’ award.

Home Retail Group won ‘Best employee share scheme’ at the Employee Benefits Awards 2013.

What has winning an Employee Benefits’ award meant to you and to your team?

We are passionate about understanding and communicating to our extremely diverse workforce. Therefore, it is fantastic to be rewarded for all our hard work and commitment.     

What have you done to communicate your Employee Benefits’ award win to your organisation and to employees?

We sent an initial email to all our stakeholders, followed by an announcement in our weekly email, which is received by all office-based employees. We also had a celebratory article in our company magazine, which all our retail and distribution employees receive. 

What has the award meant to the organisation and to employees?

There is a sense of real achievement. We believe in the benefits we offer to our employees and this award shows that we listen, understand and care for our workforce. The kudos received also revived interest and support in what we do, and so created a knock-on effect with supportive advocates and further promotional communications about our benefits.

What would you say to other employers to encourage them to enter the Employee Awards 2014?

It is a great way to showcase your ideas and triumphs, and show your team that you believe in their vision. It also provides the opportunity to be able to reinforce to your employees what a great place [your organisation] is to work and thereby increase engagement

The Employee Benefits Awards 2014 are open for entries. The entry deadline is 18 December.