Morrisons considers Swedish derogation model to mitigate impact of Agency Workers Regulations

Morrisons has held talks with recruitment agencies on using the Swedish derogation model, which removes the supermarket’s responsibility of offering temporary workers the rights to benefits.†

The Agency Workers Regulations, which came into force on 1 October, mean that after 12 weeks of employment, temporary staff are entitled to equal treatment as permanent staff with regards to pay, holidays, night work, rest periods and duration of working time.

The derogation model will see temporary workers employed directly by recruitment agencies, rather than the end-user organisation, and so they will no longer be classed as agency workers.

A Morrisons spokesman said: “The recruitment agencies we work with have been considering how they will comply with this legislation for some time.

“They have proactively considered using this model or are already employing their workers. Through our network of agency suppliers, Morrisons will be offering temporary workers employed by the recruitment agencies contracts of employment referred to as Swedish derogation.

“The Swedish derogation model has been recognised by the government, British Retail Consortium and Confederation of British Industry as a legitimate option for temporary employees. It will offer them flexibility in their work as well as the stability of ongoing employment.”

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