London’s best dressed banker wins posh clobber

Best-dressed employee competitions might be a good way for employers to show their workforce they are on trend and know how to have a bit of fun.

In some instances, however, such competitions may reinforce perceptions of cultural stereotypes associated with some industries and highlight employees’ assets in ways they might not have imagined.

Michelle Flynn, described in the press release as “petite and pretty”, is the first woman to be heralded as the City of London’s ‘Best dressed banker’ after entering an annual contest run by Savile Row tailors Cad and the Dandy.

Visit the website and draw your own conclusions…

Flynn, who works for Sapient’s client services, will be rewarded for her sense of style with a bespoke suit and shirts worth £1,500 from Cad and Dandy.

James Sleater, co-founder of Cad and Dandy, said: “This year’s contest was extremely exciting. To have a woman win for the first time means we will hopefully have far more female entries in the years to come.

“Then, in the top five, we had the privilege of featuring Sir Mervyn King – definitely a suave, traditional figure – who contrasted rather remarkably with the notorious UBS rogue, Kweku Adoboli.”

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