NHS organisations to offer total reward statements

A number of NHS organisations will begin providing total reward statements in 2012, as part of efforts to get staff to understand the full value of their benefits package during a time of pay restraints, pensions reforms and a diversifying labour market.

The reward statements will outline pensions, pay and the other rewards that make up the employment package.†

Over the next few months, NHS organisations will be invited to take part in a pilot exercise, which will take place in the summer of 2012.†

Employers taking part in the pilot will nominate a project sponsor from the senior leadership team, apply proven implementation plans, and engage employees and unions locally in the roll out of total reward statements.

Dean Royles, director of NHS Employers, said: “The NHS offers attractive employment packages and it is important we highlight the full value of what employees receive clearly.†

“Relationships between staff and employers are harmed by misunderstandings about pay and benefits, and this can impact on patient care so it is important that employers and unions work together towards greater clarity.

“A total reward approach is an excellent way for employers to demonstrate the employment package in a way that makes it clearer, more relevant and more understandable to staff.”

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