Grass Roots research: 90% of employers say rewarding staff contribution is important

Nine out of ten organisations still think it is important to recognise and reward the contribution that staff make to the business, according to research by Grass Roots.

The straw poll found the majority of employers still rate the traditional cash bonus, closely followed by time off, as the top rewards they think employees would like to receive.

About a fifth of the respondents indicated the level of rewards on offer this year would be decreased.

Among respondents, the top ways employers are rewarding their staff this year, include: a Christmas party, a public thank-you from the head of the organisation, gift vouchers, a gift item, and time off.

Steve Baker, head of recognition and incentives at Grass Roots, said: “Although employers know that a cash bonus is always welcome, budgets may not accommodate this. Our poll also highlights that employers are becoming increasingly aware that one-off bonuses do not live long in the memory.

There is lots of evidence to suggest that a small gift, or a voucher, where the employer has taken time to think what the individual staff member would like to receive, can be more motivational in the long term. It has got to do with the personal touch.”

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