Emap switches flexible benefits provider

Emap is switching its flexible benefits provider to improve HR efficiency and make the scheme more accessible for staff.

The publisher will outsource its flex provision for 1,400 eligible employees to NorthgateArinso, which also administers its HR and payroll, from 1 January to give staff access to benefits and HR on the same platform.

This is the second time Emap has switched provider in two years. It moved from Mercer Human Resource Consulting to Lloyds TSB Registrars (now Equiniti) in 2007 to bring its flex year into line with the calendar year. Equiniti will continue to administer Emap’s flex plan until the new scheme goes live.

Peter Lambert, head of reward, said the switch was to co-ordinate its approach and was not related to performance. “We are trying to provide competitive benefits in an efficient and integrated way,” he said.