New car plan for resort staff

Holiday resort company Center Parcs is combating a lack of public transport access for staff by introducing an all-employee car ownership plan. Margaret Hall, HR and reward manager at the leisure park operator, said that due to the rural settings of the resort locations, they are not well served by public transport networks, which meant offering discounted cars would be very useful for employees.

"It’s been received with interest. [The] Oasis [resort in Cumbria] is a few miles away, and it’s a long drive up from the entrance," said Hall, adding that there would be plenty of car parking space for all employees that buy a discounted car. The online scheme, which is run via the company’s intranet system, is open to all 6,200 staff and offers a number of different funding options. Employees, which range from chefs to sports assistants, can choose from a variety of different new and used car options through the plan, run by provider firm ALD Automotive.