Debbie Lovewell: Engaged staff can promote benefits value

How can employers ensure that even the most jaded or cynical employees engage with their beneļ¬ts package?

I was speaking to a family friend recently who described the fantastic range of beneļ¬ts they were offered by their employer. This friend had joined their current employer later in their working life from a completely different industry, where they had been offered little in the way of beneļ¬ts. So they fully appreciate what is now available to them.

However, my friend also expressed dismay that their view is not shared by a number of their colleagues, many of whom have worked for the organisation for most, if not all, of their career. Many had become somewhat cynical about their employer and blasƩ about the benefits available.

Many think the ā€˜grass is greenerā€™ elsewhere, despite having little to compare their package to. Only when newcomers join is it is ļ¬‚agged up to existing staff that they could be a lot worse off.

In such situations, communication tools such as total reward statements may not be the most effective method of reaching staff because these require them to show an interest and initial level of engagement.

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Instead, employers may be better off harnessing the power of employees who are engaged and recognise the value of what they receive. Getting trade unions on board to spread the word may also prove effective. Staff who have lost their faith in their employer may listen to colleaguesā€™ experience that the grass is certainly not always greener elsewhere.

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