Fujitsu Services pilots road risk programme

Fujitsu Services is piloting a two-month long occupational road risk programme for more than 1,000 of its company car drivers.

For the first time, all business-need company car users who drive a minimum of 8,000 business miles a year have been asked to complete an online driver risk training and assessment programme. Those in their second year in the firm’s graduate scheme and a representative portion of its head office drivers have also been asked to take part.

The scheme is designed to equip company car drivers with the knowledge and skills to avoid road accidents.

The organisation hopes that by reducing accidents and, consequently, driving down insurance costs, the programme will yield long-term financial savings. Alison Dalley, head of reward at Fujitsu Services, said: “The overriding benefit is for the individual, who will undoubtedly gain a higher degree of road safety and awareness, and enhance their driving skills.”

The results of the pilot programme will be assessed after it ends this month. If it is deemed successful, it will be rolled out to all 6,600 Fujitsu staff who drive on company business.