Carillion increases cash allowances

Carillion is increasing the amount of money that employees in its cash allowance car scheme are allocated by up to 20%, and is planning to broaden vehicle choice in its company car scheme, in a bid to improve retention.

Members of its cash allowance scheme are being given up to 20% more cash to spend on their vehicle, while staff who take a company car will be given the chance to vote on manufacturers they want to see in the car list.

Michael Cope, reward manager at Carillion, said: “We are in a high-retention market, so we are doing everything we can to ensure our employment proposition is as attractive as possible [for staff].”

The building and services firm has also launched a new fleet website for staff that offers detailed information on vehicles, including price and the amount of carbon dioxide they emit.

It hopes employees will make informed decisions about cars, and not necessarily spend their cash on gas-guzzlers.

The website also offers information on how to drive cost-effectively and safely.

“Obviously we are concerned about the environment, but employees are adults, so we say they can make their own choices, but we will give the right amount of information too. They have to be aware of our fundamental [green] principles, but if [they] don’t care about the environment, we won’t tackle [them] by being policy driven,” said Cope.

The only restriction placed on business-need drivers is that their car must be under five years old.