FirstGroup launches intranet site to encourage staff training

FirstGroup has launched an intranet site to help staff access training, and encourage them to think about career progression.

The site is targeted primarily at the bus and rail operator’s drivers, who comprise 80% of its 25,000-strong workforce.

The site will include information on career development and will encourage staff to visit the company’s local learning centres where they can access support for literacy and numeracy.

Chris Jefferies, learning and development manager, said: “This gets individuals to think about what they are doing now, what their strengths are, what job they would like to do in future, and think about what is important to them [and] what motivates them.”

He added that this system could help to reduce staff turnover. “Among our drivers, turnover two years ago sat at around 30%, it now sits at around 23%. [This site] is partly aimed at that population and helping to reduce turnover yet further,” he explained.

The intranet site, provided by Cedar International, will also guide staff through FirstGroup’s first national performance appraisal scheme, which is due to launch during this year.

“[The site] sits behind that, so when [staff] have the appraisal conversation they have got their head around much more of what they should be thinking about.”