Smokers less productive at work

More than half (59%) of employers believe that staff who smoke are less productive than their non-smoking colleagues because they typically take regular breaks from work. Just under three-quarters (74%) of employers are also more likely to recruit a non-smoker over a smoker, according to Employer perceptions of smoking in the workplace, a YouGov survey commissioned by Nuffield Proactive Health.

But employers appear to be divided over the issue of allowing staff to take regular breaks during the working day. Just over a third (34%) would consider giving staff who don’t smoke regular breaks, while some 45% would prefer it if all employees were prevented from taking regular breaks.


What are employers’ perception of smokers in the workplace?
Employers would be happier to employ a non-smoker 74%
Employers think smokers are less productive than non-smokers 59%
Employers would prevent all staff from taking regular breaks 45%
Employers would consider giving non-smokers regular breaks 34%