P&MM launches personalised rewards service

P&MM has launched a new recognition service that allows employers to personalise incentive rewards.

Its Recognise Me – Personalised By You programme is available as part of a motivation scheme and enables line managers to select employees to reward, or staff to nominate colleagues.

The programme is then used to design a personalised greetings card including the name, a congratulatory message and an appropriate image, which will be printed and delivered to the recipient.

The greetings card can be offered either on its own or together with further rewards including vouchers, a pre-paid card or a reward code so the recipient can choose their own reward.

John Sylvester, executive director at P&MM Motivation, said: “It is so important not to forget the significance of trophy value in employee rewards.

“After all, the point of offering them in the first place is to make the emotional connection of personal reward so that the recipient feels appreciated and encouraged to continue to perform.

“P&MM has developed Recognise Me – Personalised By You in order to provide a digital mechanic to ensure that trophy value is actually enhanced rather than lost, as can often be the case.”

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