EAPA launches guide on employee assistance programmes

The UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association (UK EAPA) has launched a buyer’s guide to help employers with questions about employee assistance programmes (EAPs).

The resource includes information on the different types, formats and models of EAPs, as well as discussing account management, evaluation and return on investment.

David Smith, chair of UK EAPA, said: “The EAP market in the UK is a significant one with organisations’ spend on them estimated by EAPA UK research in 2008 at over £50 million per annum.

“Given this significant spend it is not surprising that procurement of an EAP is something that needs to be undertaken with appropriate planning, research and investigation.

“This buyer’s guide has been prepared to help organisations at every stage of the EAP buying process. While every organisation has its own unique issues and concerns, when it comes to employee assistance, there is much information on issues, trends and solutions that can be shared and which is contained here.

“By bringing together the knowledge and experience of UK EAPA member organisations in this way, the procurement and provision of an EAP can be a straightforward and engaging one that will have lasting positive results for an organisation and its workforce.”

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