Case Study: Bravissimo

Lingerie retailer Bravissimo supports its staff with a host of small gifts, including shopping vouchers, cupcakes and jars of sweets.

Laura Meneaud, HR director, says: “We like the little-and-often approach, rather than big, grand gestures. We feel it is important to value and appreciate our employees throughout the year. Recognition is timely and, where possible, tailored to the team or department. We also ask for feedback from our employees about the gifts.”

The company, which has 680 staff, also gives mini eggs at Easter and chocolate snowmen at Christmas. All workers receive birthday gifts chosen by colleagues. Then there are one-off gifts such as champagne or cinema tickets with popcorn after a busy period.Jenny

“We generally look to recognise teams rather than individuals and are conscious it is the sum of the individuals that makes the difference,” says Meneaud. “We think about the gifts and don’t just spend money on them for the sake of it.”

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