UnumProvident launches absence management tool

UnumProvident has launched an absence management assessment and accreditation tool to help larger employers identify their strengths and weaknesses around tackling the issue.

During a week-long assessment period, which costs from £10,000 for organisations based on one site, employers will be examined on 16 key areas including: workplace culture, health promotion at work, return-to-work procedures, knowledge of absence management and early intervention.

The data is then analysed by UnumProvident, which will award scores for the organisation. The results will include comparisons with both the national and international averages in order to allow employers to benchmark their absence polices.

Employers that are awarded a score of 80% or more will receive accreditation to recognise sound absence management within their organisation.

Joy Reymond, head of rehabilitation services, said: "Our larger clients, because of their size, have an expectation that there will be a certain amount of people off work for a certain length of time."

She added that the company hopes its assessment will eventually become as sought-after as accreditations from firms such as Investors in People.

Later this year, UnumProvident also plans to launch a sickness tracking service and an employee assistance programme.