HR staff are most likely to snog a colleague at a work Christmas party

HR staff are most likely to snog a colleague at the work Christmas party according to research by TGI Fridays.

The poll of 2,000 employees showed that 55% of HR employees have kissed a colleague at a work party, although this is somewhat reserved when compared to the drunken antics of employees in media and PR, with over a third admitting they have taken a co-worker to bed at the end of the evening.

In addition, the survey showed that 2% of workers have drunkenly decided the Christmas party is a good time to declare their love to a colleague.

Those in the teaching profession are the most likely to call in sick after the work party, while travel and leisure workers are most likely to strip, with one in ten admitting to doing a naked flash during their Christmas party.

Susan Quilliam, relationship psychologist, said: “TGI Friday’s survey certainly reflects what is happening all over Britain. But it also reflects psychological reality. Psychologically, people need an occasional break from the normal social rules and constraints that the workplace in particular can impose.

“They need just one night when they are able to let loose and do things they maybe would not normally do, but with a get-out-of-jail-free card the next morning. So I don’t find it at all surprising that there is so many uninhibited gathering at this time of year.

“So long as employees follow the rule of ‘do no harm’, it is healthy to take time out and forget career stress and strain, office politics, and – in this economic climate – any fears about the future. Getting together in a social setting will bring colleagues together, allow them to see another side of those they work with.”

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