TMC launches mileage audit tool for smaller fleets

Fleet provider TMC has launched a mileage audit tool for smaller fleets with between one and 100 drivers.

Based on the fleet provider’s existing product for larger fleets, the service, called TMC2, allows employers to log and audit business journeys, deter drivers from over-claiming and automate the payment of mileage expenses.

Employers can set the system up using a CD-rom and information sheets included in the package, which costs £48 a year.

The product enables company car drivers and cash allowance drivers to record their detailed monthly business mileage so that they can be appropriately reimbursed for their business fuel spend.

Drivers can report mileage online, by telephone, by SMS text message or via a smartphone. Where the drivers use fuel cards, TMC will check fuel card data against the trip data inputted by drivers.

Any discrepancies are highlighted in the employer’s monthly audit report.

Paul Jackson, managing director at TMC, said: “TMC2 is the complete Mileage Audit product with all its advantages, but we have configured it so that employers with up to 100 cars can set themselves up on our system rather than asking us to do it. 

“That makes it cost effective for them and for us.”

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