EDF Energy settles pay dispute

EDF Energy has settled a pay dispute for nearly 500 workers.


The employees, who install meters and deal with alleged electricity theft, in the London, south east, south west and eastern regions, staged selective industrial action in the dispute.

Staff were disputing three elements of the ogranisation’s pay package:

  • A 2013 pay offer of 2% and a non-consolidated, one-off payment of ¬£200 for the year April 2013 to April 2014.
  • Pay differentials between south eastern and London employees.
  • After the 2012 pay agreement, EDF Energy said it could not afford to pay this to the Eastern revenue protection team.

The settlement now includes:

  • An increased lump sum of up to ¬£480 for each employee, along with the 2% pay increase offer backdated to April 2013.
  • An additional offer for south eastern employees to start dealing with pay differentials.
  • An agreement to begin discussions for the 2014 pay deal immediately.
  • An improved offer for the eastern revenue protection team that means full earnings count as salary and not a proportion as ‚Äėadditional payments‚Äô.

Onay Kasab, regional officer at trade union Unite, said: “The improved offer is the result of our members standing together, taking strike action and threatening more action if an improved offer was not delivered.

‚ÄúThe organisation will now know that we are serious when we say that Unite will take action. [It] needs to heed the warning and make our members a decent offer for 2014.‚ÄĚ

EDF Energy declined to comment.