Glassdoor launches benefits comparison site

Jobs and careers website Glassdoor has launched a comparison site for benefits packages.


The free online benefits review survey, Benefits Reviews, asks employees to rate how satisfied they are with their employer’s overall benefits package, and describe the best and worst aspects of the package they receive. 

Employees are also asked to indicate and rate what specific benefits their employer offers, including:

Employers are also encouraged to share insights about the benefits packages they offer through their Glassdoor Employer Profile.

The profile gives employers the opportunity to share details about what their benefits package includes and verify which benefits and perks their organisation offers.

Allyson Willoughby, senior vice president of people and general counsel at Glassdoor, said: “Job seekers are already evaluating and comparing job offers, but with very little information on what a benefits package really entails or whether it meets the needs of employees.

“Benefits carry both personal and monetary value, and can greatly impact an employee’s satisfaction with their employer.

“By unlocking information about benefits from those in the know, we believe it will also lead to improved recruitment and employee retention rates.”