UK employers not proactive on health issues

Almost half (42%) of respondents do not have, or do not know if they have, a programme in place to help employees maintain their health, according to research by consultancy JLT Employee Benefits.

Its 250 Club report, which questioned 250 private sector employers with at least 500 full-time employees, also found that 25% of respondents think that it is ‘very important’ to have a programme in place that helps employees stay fit and well when working past the state pension age, while 29% think it is ‘important’ and 27% think it is ‘fairly important’.

Bernie Clark (pictured), director of JLT Employee Benefits, said: “Our calculation shows that most people are likely to have to work until their mid-seventies to retire on a comfortable pension, based on the current typical pension contribution rates.

“This means that employers will increasingly be challenged by the far greater need for health support of their ageing workforce.”