Johnson Fleming launches auto-enrolment checklist

Johnson Fleming has launched an auto-enrolment checklist for employers.

The pensions and benefits consultancy has designed the checklist to help with both initial project planning and as a final check for employers nearing their staging date.

The checklist is broken down into six key sections:

  • Project: Looking at the mechanics of how to manage the project and advice on project maintenance.
  • Review: Looking at which areas of the business need to be reviewed at the outset of the project.
  • Scheme: Decisions that need to be made about the scheme and its design.
  • Process: Looking at which internal processes need to be reviewed and how to fill process gaps.
  • People: How the workforce should be dealt with in an auto-enrolment project.
  • Reporting: How to make sure employers capture all the information they need to.

Iain Chadwick (pictured), consultancy director at Johnson Fleming, said: “We conducted a survey of HR and pensions professionals to find out what their biggest challenges were when it came to auto-enrolment.

“Project management came out on top, so this checklist and guide is designed to try to ease that burden. It uses information and findings that have come out of recent roundtables we have held, as well as drawing on our own experiences from the [employer] clients we have staged so far.

“We hope that it will help employers understand the task ahead of them, and provide reassurance that everything is in hand.”